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He pinched it, once then twice."Oh.Believe me: every man and woman have a dark fantasy, but because of our education about moral rules we suppress that.She didn’t want to seem desperate but she also really wanted to enjoy the woman’s touch.Matches were struck, and their voices became less raucous; she heard footsteps and sensed them moving around her.The woman that I love.Rather than an affinity for nudism, it was simply that no store sold anything that would fit her, but once she got to her room, she’d find a bureau full of custom clothes.He’d chosen this secluded section of the park he found yesterday specifically to get away from people and enjoy his lunch in peace.Across the top were nine names, those of the nine sororities on campus.Fingertips.“Oh, that's a cute bra,” I said as I stood up, my fingers unbuttoning my own blouse.“Sounds like fun,” she agreedShe cried out, louder than she normally would.‘You took them off to play with yourself, didn`t you?No doubt ab

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