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I couldn’t imagine how my pussy was ever going to take it all.I sighed internally.It was when we had returned to the bungalow that I received the first shock of my married life.I then walked over to Dr. Lawrence, standing by the door.“You reeeaaaaally wanna know?”Here I am spread open on a pool table in a biker house and the guy fucking me is trying to be gentle.My name was on the package.The mistresses were rather hard-faced and severe in their leather outfits but had an undeniable erotic power.Malcolm slides his dick out of her ass and Samantha faces Malcolm.The Countess's body shakes as she immediately has an orgasm.I grabbed her ass cheeks and massaged them.An eager smile crept crossed his face as Annabelle reached the foyer, with a potted plant sitting upon a small wooden table marking the center of the room.“Morning, Becky.”I had thought it was a good sign.She didn't understand why he didn't go ahead and shove it into her.“1300 in silver!” lady Navore exclaimed.Zoe�

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