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You gonna go up and talk to her?” He asked, sitting back down in front of meHe didn't even seem to be thinking of more ways to hurt and degrade her.She still felt wrong revealing her privates to her parents—she knew that other girls in her class didn’t do that kind of thing—but she admitted to herself that, after her crazy weekend, it wasn’t really a big deal for her anymore.Drew took off my diaper to the sound of photos from the three men.I sucked so hard on it, my hands pressing up the nightgown.He was ejaculating deep inside his son’s throat in an orgasm that lasted for nearly ten full seconds.Ada was relieved that Diana wasn’t freaking out, instead she was thrusting her fine round bottom back to meet the phantom phallus as fast as she could.“Oh, yes, Miss Sam,” Zelda moaned.“Yep!”Jill began, “Which leads us to you Donna.”I just want to bury my face in them!”Wrapped in both her arms and tail, it was pure bliss, and as soon as I closed my eyes, I was aslee

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