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I told john he could stay as long as he needs to but, I was not thinking it would be over two months.While we were waiting for the shuttle, we made an appointment for a private photo shoot later that afternoon.My eyes gazed down to the bottom of the page where the cryptex sat, mocking me.Sally thinking it wasn’t fair her being the only one nude moved up to Jan, pulling her into an embrace & started kissing her full on the lips ensuring to wipe her wet body all over Jan, when Jan started to visibly respond to these advances Sally pulled on the strings attaching Jan’s bikini allowing it to fall off her now wet body, Sally then turned Jan so that she was standing in front of the Triumph’s bonnet and gently pushed her backwards until her head was resting on the bonnet, slowly the kissing stopped and Sally moved down to nuzzle into Jan’s gorgeous boobs until her nipples were standing straight up hard as rocks, whilst I was catching this all on the camera, Sally moved herself lower

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You know those cartoon shots when the devil appears on one shoulder and an angel on the other?It’s so strong that it has to be diluted with water although I compost it.Jermaine rammed his cock into my mouth, soaked in my sweet cream.The colors of the leaves were at their peak in shades of orange, yellow and red.I smiled and thought,I pushed the she-orc strap that covered my openings to the side, but left the “bra” that covered my nipples and held my ample breasts high on my chest.I stared so hard at myself, wanting to be a good young lady.They were magnificent.Please don’t forget to vote and leave a comment.As she opened to refrigerator and pulled out a wine cooler her phone rang.Her gaze levels with mine in the mirror, and then rapidly darts back to her own.Finally, she goes balls deep and hilts her meat-sword inside my throat.Bathed in their yellow glow she unfastened her black habit, stripped it off and laid it neatly on the cot.The feeling from her vagina and her anus were

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