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“Someday I’ll talk about it.” she told me. “But not now.Since you sent me to be with him last night, I’m not sure why that would be a problem.”And I'm not gonna get into it here.I did, and the applause started again.Then she lifts up my right leg and places it on the counter as she spreads my ass cheek.Once she had her food and drink it didn't last long as she felt starved.She looked up at him and as he glanced at her he hesitated.“Yeah, how much for the hottest piece of ass in Ardeni?” Another voice yelled.We argued for a little and he then asked me to just go.Teresa let go of the member and used her swallow flexion to aid the passage of the thick meat over her tongue and down into her esophagus.Even her tail lowered instinctively to try and protect her aching and tender posterior from that vicious leather rod, it only led to a strike at the small of her back that made her tail straighten and raised up again.Hope could obviously feel and see something was draining out

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