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“Perfect!“It’s inside me.” She uttered the obvious statement with wonder.She hated herself for it, hated how lazy she had become.Dad was getting nervous.Anne wasn't really trying to fight it; in actuality, Infinity could see that, while she didn't enjoy it, Mother was letting this man take the pleasure of her mouth.He could not believe it but she had had her first orgasm.“My two sexy brides.”I sat at the edge of my bed, still catching my breath, the house quiet, the front door double locked.Ian sobbed gently into the pillow, but when he seemed to have had enough, he shook his arms and tried to throw Silas off balance, which nearly worked.Night Eyes took a handful of my hair and ripped it back, forcing my crown against the carpet, allowing her to wrap her other hand around my stretched throat.They swept through the town like a flood, either flying through the air or running on the ground like wild animals.First thing in the morning, nature calls and all that.”Since that la

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