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“But before I let you out,” she continued, “I really must tell you that if you try to jump one of us, the other one will trigger your Kollar.”No I'm a strong woman.“Can you imagine looking up from between Mom's legs while you're making her cum?”I grinned at him as I was about to fully cuckold him.His dark brown eyes warm and inviting, pulling me into their murky depths."We didn't hear it here."I savored the sensation of complete vulnerability and helplessness.After another ten minutes during which time they tried to digest whatever food it was they'd been given one of the girls asked,The same gaze I saw in the wrestling gym.I wasn’t surprised when she fell asleep, my cock still in her open mouth.Turning around Jen hoisted her ass up onto the counter and leaned back against the mirror, parted her big thighs for me to enter.I continued to play with her beautiful breasts.Then his paper thin flesh.“Princess,” she said with a blush, squirming on the bed.Gawd fuck me.” An

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