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Her short, red hair bounced about her mischievous face as she darted towards me. I turned as she threw her arms around my neck.I didn’t know what to expect, and that terrified me.Is this true?"My dad took me home.The class was starting now, all the women forming rows as they stood to face their instructor.Later that evening Amanda had to leave because she had a doctor’s meeting at the hospital the following day and had to go home and get prepared for it.“I III”Her body started twisting and turning trying to break free of her jeans and my hand holding her down.My every suck inflated him more and more.Her right hand gripped my throbbing cock and held it as she slid back into place.He never did that before.This… isn’t right.incredible feeling I had ever had.But she didn’t. My mum threw me a quick hello and then kept talking to her sister.Once we got there we told Kara about our little experiment with pissing and Kara said she wanted to try.Well, I’m a Dad with three beauti

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