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Centuries of technological advances had allowed computers to become capable of replicating practically any sensation the human body could possibly experience.“Maybe you should be the one driving!” I shout and she only sticks her tongue out at me before taking off.I explain to her that John and I were heading to Red Lobster for an all you can eat shrimp night then to see her.Pulling Emily so her ass hung just off the bed, I lifted her legs, moved in between them, and she held her legs up and spread wide."Almost everything else."“Do you…?” she whispered, her throat tight.Nice little hand fulls like Ginny's, and she was completely shaved.She spat on the vibrator and pushed me onto my stomach.I stand up and gently glide my fingertips up the back of her thighs and over her ass appreciating the small welt that is already starting to form from when I bit her earlier.The five guys I met earlier entered the room and stopped to look at us.Totally plugged up, I give a little push just t

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