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She only felt humiliated and degraded and yet there was that tiny feeling of excitement she could quite explain or make sense off.“Yes.This story is copyright (c) 2019 by The Technician.The world was drowned out by the sound of her own rapidly pounding heart, the fortitude of her long overused muscles steadily failing and surging with twinges of pain from each galloping stride.What if mum or dad saw?“It can’t be that simple…”Missing Mom series“It tastes nice doesn’t it?Fuck!He had a look of ecstacy on his face.Her fingers were hot on my cock, stroking it.He didn’t know what to do, but his face flushed a deep crimson.“I got home as you two were getting ready to have your…” he pausedShe’s almost as good a fuck as you are.Orson without committing himself to anything asked Molly, if she understood what he wanted out of the deal.He said it would be a few minutes.Once I had licked up every bit of her vagina, I flipped Amanda onto her back.“Who wants to take Sophie�

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