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“Gab what are you doing, it was suppose to be a secret!”She knows what's best.She said she broke up with me because her mom didn't care for me because I was too much of a redneck.She loves it when he rubs up against her whenever they meet at family gatherings.With a growl he gives her wet cunt a few slaps to show who is in charge.She stiffened, her face flushed, and the muscular contractions in her pussy literally milked his massive cock to ejaculation."Wouldn't you like to know", she replied coyly.Individual readers may archive and/or print single copies of this story for personal, non-commercial use.Before long Lindsey was taking all of me. I fucked her hard and long.Keegan’s team was up 17-14 at halftime having just hit a thirty seven yard field goal as time expired.I caressed her silky strands.I couldn’t break up a family, I told him!“I think...about twenty or so…” His brother responded.I can only imagine the mess it will be,” Maria frowns and cuddles into the blank

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